These projects were developed as part of the Curious Beast team in Winter 2019 – Fall 2019.
Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum (FHCAM)
Matt Cole, environmental designer; Eli Stillson, industrial designer; Ken Burns, art director; Mach 2 Arts, Inc., paradog sculptures
Brady Harvey
Throughout the first half of 2019, I worked with the Curious Beast team to develop a series of modular exhibit displays for the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum in Everett, WA. While the museum itself is more focused on the technical aspects, history, and restoration of planes and tanks used (primarily) during World War II, our team worked to help the curatorial leaders of the institute plan and develop a series of smaller, topical exhibits that focused more on the human stories of war. The two exhibits documented here touched on two contained narratives: life in a M48 Patton Tank during the Vietnam War and the role of animals  during WWII. 
Each exhibit display area was anchored with a grand element. In the case of the Life In A Tank display, there is a cur-in-half M48 that allows visitors to walk through and grasp the confinements and working parameters of being in that tank. For Animal  In War, a sculptural mobile of parachuting dogs defines the space from above and draws in visitors. The display panel system developed by Curious Beast was designed for maximum flexibility: allowing  spaces to be defined and divided in a wide array of configurations, to carry either graphics or artifacts, and to be easily moveable. Aesthetic wise, the display panels and graphics sought to loosely reference camouflage/insignia and the industrial feel of tanks and fighter aircraft.
Exhibit runs: Fall 2019– Present
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