Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame Exhibit Design
March, 2017
Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds Exhibit Graphics
August, 2016
Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction Exhibit Graphics
December, 2015
Hendrix Abroad Exhibit Design
July, 2015
Indie Game Revolution Exhibit Graphics
February, 2015
Push Me, Pull Me Pearl Jam Poster Exhibit Design
June, 2015
We Are 12 Exhibit Design
October, 2014
Guitar Gallery Graphic Refresh
March, 2014
Block By Block Exhibit Design
February, 2014
Martin Schoeller: Close Up Exhibit Design
February, 2014
2013 Lucero Posters
February, 2014
Bowie Invades Promo Work
September, 2013
Selected Posters
February, 2010
Urban Legend Institute Poster
January, 2013
Time In Town Book Layout
September, 2013
GOOD Ideas For Cities Cincinnati — Home Fitness Program
September, 2012
Freescale Netbook Project
April, 2011
Hudson Hill and Woodville Design Management Project
May, 2011
Rebel Synch Logo and Implementations
February, 2010
Lucero T-Shirts
February, 2010
En Route Bike Maintenance Kit
February, 2010
The Outsiders Opening Titles
February, 2010
Wayne Shorter Beyond the Sound Barrier
February, 2010
Andrew Bryant / The Magnolia State
February, 2010
Typography Book
February, 2010
Cory Branan / 12 Songs
February, 2010
Ben Nichols / The Last Pale Light in the West
February, 2010
Neighbors Project
February, 2010
Cuyler Brownsville Anti-Crime Campaign
February, 2010
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