In January 2014, EMP Museum in Seattle opened the exhibit Block By Block: Inventing Amazing Architecture, which was comprised of scale, Lego reproductions of famous buildings from around the world. The buildings were constructed by famous Lego artist named Dan Parker, who has been contracted for various Lego-building projects across the country. The exhibit was a perfect melding of the pop-culture appeal of Lego with the meticulous craft of architecture models.

The chief design inspiration pulled heavily from the world of architecture, particularly blueprints and the title blocks of information that appear on them. We sought to push this notion in the graphics and identity as a way of making the exhibit inclusive to a wider array of potential visitors, from the families who will bring their children due to the connection with Lego, to those who can appreciate the buildings for their engineering and basis in architecture. The linework on the building display decks, walls (hand drawn by me) and citations pulled from the hand-drawn element of architecture plans while adding a layer of child-like simplification of complex forms like cranes, scaffolding and skylines.

Exhibit run: January 2014 – April 2014
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