In June 2015, EMP Museum opened the new Jimi Hendrix exhibit Wild Blue Angel: Hendrix Abroad, 1966 – 1970. The curatorial narrative of this exhibit focuses on the itinerate nature of Hendrix's relatively brief musical career. Essentially, Hendrix was constantly on the road and the artifacts and stories in the exhibit reflect this non-stop movement.

Building off of this idea of constant travel, I worked to blend an aesthetic of 60s airline graphics with an illustration style evocative of Milton Glaser and Peter Max. All of the exhibit citations were riffing on vintage luggage tags, the arrows and clouds reference travel posters from  the 60s, and the hand-drawn Hendrix illustrations and bright color palette supply the Glaser/Max, psychedelic nod. I even went so far as going to thrift stores around the city to aquire vintage suitcases to use as citation mounts. 

Exhibit run: June 2015 – Indefinite

Photos: Brady Harvey
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