In November 2014, EMP Museum opened it's indie video game exhibit Indie Game Revolution. Comprised of 20 game stations, video interview kiosks, a video timeline of indie game history, and a wealth of interpretive information, the exhibit celebrates the creative diversity and passion of the indie game world in the here and now, showcasing indie games developed in the past year as opposed to focusing on the history. The game stations change out every few months, allowing the exhibit to stay current and relevant.

This has been one of my favorite exhibits I have worked on due to how enthralling and compelling the subject matter proved to be. It converted me into a legitimate gamer. Not to mention I got to work with an amazing team.

The exhibit space and game stations were designed by a studio named Curious Beast. Riffing off of the physical "voxel clouds" that comprise the space, I ran with what I called a "techno-constructivist" aesthetic for all of the graphics (primaries, secondaries, digital citations, instruction wedges, video kiosk screens, etc.). This constructivist influence also tied in nicely with the notion of 'revolution.' The dramatic and lush lighting of the space determined the color palette and the "voxel clouds" gave direction for the logo and intro signage.
Exhibit run: November 2014 – Indefinite
Exhibit Space Design: Curious Beast
Photos: Brady Harvey & Lara Swimmer
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