The University of Washington’s Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMA&D) was born in May 1968 after members of the Black Student Union and their supporters occupied the office of UW President Charles Odegaard, demanding greater diversity in the UW’s student body, staff and faculty. This iconic student protest led the UW to create one of the nation’s first office of minority affairs. In early 2018, OMA&D approached Studio Matthews to design an exhibition to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Kristine Matthews incorporated the project into her advanced Exhibition Design class at the University of Washington, and involved OMA&D representatives and Studio Matthews designers in class critiques. Design seniors worked in teams to develop exhibition concepts, and the final design, developed by Studio Matthews, represented a combination of two of the strongest student design solutions.
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This project was developed as part of the Studio Matthews team in the Spring of 2018.
The University of Washington’s Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity, Seattle, Washington
Studio Matthews: Kristine Matthews (instructor/lead), Matt Cole (lead designer), Jeffery Underwood (production designer)
Student Designers (concept design): Christen Miyasato, Monica Niehaus, Angela Piccolo, Samantha Spaeth (concept: Tearing Down & Building Up); Dana Golan, Eva Grate and Jazmine Hoyle (concept: Celebrate/Absorb/Reflect)
Ben Benschneider
Exhibit run: May 2018 – July 2018
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